Sport Fishing in Labrador, Canada for Brook Trout and Pike

Some 60 miles to the south of Goose Bay, Labrador, Canada lies the headwaters of the world-renowned Eagle River and our facilities at Eagle River Trout Lodge. Strategically located at a narrow section of the river, moving water directly in front of the fishing lodge yields huge Eastern brook trout and Northern pike. Angling further afield at inlets and outlets is provided by our sportfishing guides who will transport you in stable Gander River boats, where you may fish from the boats or wade the numerous pools.     All our fly fishing is in moving water , in streams and rivers and this alone not mentioning our world-class accommodations makes our Lodge unique to many other  brook trout destinations!!!!  ) .     Eagle Lake forms a considerable portion of the headwaters of the Eagle River. While all of the water in this watershed is of a freestone type, limestone-like slicks are numerous, and they are a joy to the dry-fly fisherman. Within a short distance of the fishing lodge, anglers can fish virtually any type of water they prefer. Brook Trout feed on stone flies, mayflies and caddis which abound and make-up the trout's main diet.

Normally each week we pick 1 or 2 of the best weather days and do an all day fishing excursion,- While traveling as far as 15-18 miles from the lodge by river boat. An awesome adventure that is topped off with a pan full of brook trout fried over an open fire to go along with a nice prepared shore lunch by our cook. Truly an adventure!!!.


For the adventuresome angler there are still virgin waters to explore in our sportfishing areas.