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Most often, when we think about a trout's diet we tend to imagine streamlined fish, inhaling nymphs, or sipping gossamer insects. Sometimes we might expand these images to include the gobbling up of a hapless grasshopper, or possibly we picture the swift ambush into a school of minnows. But in the far north, a land almost devoid of mayflies, hoppers and minnows, the legendary brook trout have survived, indeed thrived, upon a diet that includes other brook trout. And these are not just small, immature, trout parr. When landing one-pound trout it is not unusual to glimpse one of the speckled giants in hot pursuit of the smaller, struggling fish.



Labrador’s Northern Pike By Len Rich

Barry Acton, cameraman for The New Fly Fisher television show, had the camera rolling as my large jointed lemming fly skittered over the slow moving water of Second Rattle. The big guy we called “the bear”sat in the front of my long Gander River boat which was anchored in the pool.