The best routing to Goose Bay from most points in the USA is via Air Canada and its partner airlines in the United States. Although various routes exist, we have found that connecting to the Canadian carriers in Boston, Newark, Toronto, Montreal or Halifax will usually offer the best routing to Labrador.

Alternate routing into Halifax, then through St. John’s, NL, to Goose Bay via local carriers Air Labrador and Provincial Airlines is also worth investigation.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Airline schedules usually change in the spring to support additional flights into Goose Bay via major Canadian cities, offering much better connections and less travel time for our fishing guests. Seat sales offer reduced rates as well. Senior citizens will enjoy a discount flying with Air Canada as well as one “escort”. Persons investigating connections via Internet sites or travel agents should not be discouraged by posted winter schedules. Contact us directly if you desire more assistance which we can offer from our location in Labrador.

Upon arrival in Goose Bay, you will require an overnight stay at a local hotel. We can assist with reservations with  these facilities upon request.  We also meet your incoming flight and provide ground transportation while in Goose Bay.

Pre-arranged float equipped aircraft are arranged to transport you and your party to the lodge early each Sunday morning at 9 AM. Your return flight from lodge to Goose Bay is 10:30 AM arrival.  Sunday Morning. We reserve the right to ship cargo and staff on aircraft travelling between the lodge and Goose Bay which is on a “space available” basis.



Floatplane operation in and out of Goose Bay is subject to visual flight rules. We are not responsible for accommodations in Goose Bay made necessary by delays due to poor flying weather. Your rate will not be reduced if for any reason your arrival in Goose Bay is delayed or if poor weather prevents you from going to camp. By the same token, you will not be charged for extra time spent at the lodge due to inclement weather.





Air Canada
Tel: 888-247-2262


Air Labrador
Tel: 800-563-3042


Provincial Airlines
Tel: 800-563-2800



Royal Inn and Suites

www.royalinnandsuites.ca  709-896-2456


Aurora Hotel
Tel: 709-896-3398


Labrador Inn
Tel: 709-896-3351


Hotel North

Tel: 709-896-9031

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